COMPUDIST is an international group, leader in the distribution of Information Technology products and communication (ICT) as well as IT and office solutions. We offer products of new technologies, the most innovative of the leading manufacturers of ICT products. Servers, desktops, laptops,  hard drive, connectivity, Network, Photo, Video, accessories and consumable cartridge for inkjet, laser, and multifunction devices, Antivirus, electrical protection, extended warranty ..

Today Compudist Group has become one of the leading distributors and partners largest I.T brands: Fujitsu, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, Infosec, CyberPower, Opti, Bit Defender, Microsoft, Adobe, Port and others...

Lexmark Managed Printing Solution (LMPS)

Focus on your business while we give you an advanced way to reduce overhead and cut costs, document output management solutions that are cloud-aware and mobile-ready can deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

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Lexmark Hardware

LEXMARK – American Brand for Printing Solutions, Hardware and Supplies, focused on customers who fall into 6 specific industry groups: Telecom, finance, services, retail, manufacturing, health care, and the public sector. We help our customers cut costs, reduce cycle times and improve productivity. This allows Lexmark to offer unique value to these industry customers and differentiates the brand from the competition as part of the business market approach known as 'Print, Move, Manage' with a powerful slogan: PRINT LESS – SAVE MORE. ()

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Solar Energy

"Go Green" 

To serve our clients interests and protect our environment, Opti-Solar is for a long-term view of activities. Leaders in Solar energy equipments; for solar panels, Batteries and Hybrid inverters.

Solutions for Home/Office use as well as for industries. We cover all your demands with a inverters capacity that can be built on demand up to 500KW.

It has been very succseeful in the banking business where ATM machines are working  on Solar Energy. 

And for the past few years, you can see a high demand for Solar Street Lights where most of the new roads are now equiped with Solar lights.

We have schools in the rural areas where there are no Grid , are  fully equiped with Solar Power,   using the OFF-Grid Opti inverters


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Networking, IT Products, Software, Data Centers & Scanners 

FUJITSU NETWORK SOLUTIONS. We beleive that solutions help your business value creation, and commitment to social infrastructure is our mission.

In partnership with Fujitsu, we create technology to enable faster and more reliable global communication services from both viewpoint of "building the network" and "utilizing the network".

Operators of all types and sizes trust Fujitsu as a long-term business partner who consistently understands and exceeds expectations. As a result, Fujitsu network technologies and solutions bring the benefits of anytime, anywhere communication to people and organizations all over the world.

Our network management solutions protect and support operators as they deliver the continuous high-quality service on which their customers rely. We work with operators to ensure maximum quality of service throughout the network life cycle


Antivirus and Internet Security 

Whether you need protection for a single device, a smart home, your small business, hybrid infrastructure or Enterprise datacenter, we have the product that delivers the best security, unparalleled performance and incredible ease of use. Surely we are talking about BitDefender!

FUJITSU Software Infrastructure Manager enables organizations to have centralized control over the entire data center, which includes servers, storage, networking, cloud management software as well as power and cooling using a single user interface. ISM is not just restricted to a single data center management but is also capable of distributed data center management and thus simplifies data center management.


We are Authorised Resellers for Microsoft Products as well as Adobe Products.

In partnership with Software Developper COMPU-LEADER SARL, we build a Software suitable for your business. Software that already been build such Logistics Software for  Shipping and forwarders Companies, Lab-Radio Software for Laboratories and Clinics, waste management software.