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Enjoy a huge discount


Owning a printer is costing you a lot for long term;

First the cost of the machine eventhough it has a standrad 1 year warranty, but afterward?!

Here are the challenges you will face;

- The longer you use it, the high risk of break-down. Some spare parts cost likely same or more than buying a new machine (mostly a board, ADF scanner, Fuser)

- You must have a technician on standby otherwise, pay for labour at any intervention.

- You might not use Genuine Consumables to avoid high cost, but this will affect the machine.

You might use Genuine consumables but the cost per page is likely to be high unless you get an extra high yield toner. you must be prepared for the price

- The hustle you face at any tiny problem (like Paper Jam or error message)

- Amount of time spent overall on the machine, you could use it in your business and be more productive.

With our solution, you will have peace of mind; we take care of all the husle above so then you can focus on your business


Original / Genuine consumables are used - Spare Parts and Supplies always available - Standby machine for swift replacement in case of a major problem - Fast Response time for an intervention (60 Minutes MAX) - and most importantly the amount of money you will save. here an example below :


HP machine - MFP M135a - Price: 210$

- The toner - 106A (1,000 pages capacity) - Price: 65$

- The cost for every page you print is: 7 cents (0.07$)

A simple calculation shows that owning a printer will cost you at least 720% more!



All our brands and Solutions are certified and compatible to be adapted and to be sold in African Countries and have technologies conform to ISO and CE and for that matter EU conditions and specifications.