Lexmark Print Manager Solution

Optimize network printing and create an information edge with document output management solutions you can deploy on-premise or through the cloud as software as a service.

- Automatic User Registration—Self-registers users, relieving administrators of manually entering badge numbers.

- Session-Based Login—Perform multiple output tasks without having to  authenticate again.

- Print Preview—View each page of your document, change print options, and select specific pages to print.

- Print and Keep—Keeps your document in the  queue so you can print it again later.

Lexmark Print Release (LPR)

 gives you the latitude to send documents from your desktop, tablet PC, smartphone¹ or the Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal and print them on any enabled² printer or MFP.  Instead of “pushing” your documents to a designated print device—where the pages sit out in public view until you retrieve them—you “pull” them down from the print queue when you log in or swipe your ID card at the printer. Instead of being tethered to a single device, you can release your print job from the printer that is most convenient or from one with the features or capabilities you need.

LPR Features

- Pull Printing and Access Control—Holds print jobs in a server queue until an authorized user selects the documents to print while present at the device.

- Mobile Printing—Provides a complete mobile printing system, enabling you to submit jobs to your print queue from any Android®, iOS or BlackBerry® smartphone or mobile device.

- Online Queue Management—Use the Lexmark Solutions  Platform web portal to drag files from your document folders and drop them directly into your queue; you can also delete documents from your queue or change print  settings.

- Purge Timeouts—Automatically delete documents in the queue after a predetermined time period.

- Embedded Solution Management—Enables administrators to deploy and configure Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework applications directly from the web portal.

Lexmark  Document Accounting (LDA)

Optimize the efficiency of your output environment with powerful tracking and reporting software. Throughout the day, Lexmark Document Accounting monitors output activity on your printing and imaging devices and collects detailed information on individual users, devices or user/device groups. Your organization now has the high-quality data it needs to modify printing habits, better manage assets, and reduce costs and waste

The Lexmark Print Manager Solution

The Lexmark Solutions Platform is the application framework created by Lexmark developers to provide efficient and affordable server-based software solutions for large, distributed environments. Lexmark Print Release and Lexmark Document Accounting are built on this new platform to deliver a new level of flexibility and scalability to our customers. With these two solutions—deployed on-premise, or as hosted software, or in combination—you can create a secure, shared printing and imaging environment with enduring benefits.

- Reduce printing costs and shrink carbon footprint

- Strengthen access controls, security and compliance

- Give users the power to print from mobile devices

- Track activity and increase user accountability

- Add redundancy, ensuring printer availability

- Provide flexibility to deploy on-premise or as software as a service

-Introduce new functionality in a timely, cost-effective manner

LDA Features

- Print, Copy and Scan Tracking—Track all printing, copying and scanning across your enterprise to drive data-driven decision making and proactive management.

- Application Tracking—Track activity performed through embedded applications. For example, you can track copies made using the standard copy function as well as those made through Eco-Copy or Card Copy, giving you a complete accounting of your output environment.

- User Quotas—Apply user quotas for print and copy. Limits can be set for total impressions and/or color. Users can easily track their quota status at the printing device or through the Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal.

- User Views—View your personal activity history through the Lexmark Solutions Platform web portal.

- Administrative Reporting—Select from a variety of summary reports and view by user/user group or device/device group and date range. Apply reporting filters to view activity by a specific interest area such as color or duplex.  View reports online or export the data to .CSV format for additional analysis.

Protect Our Environment, Serve For Better Tomorrow

Opti-Solar -  Solar Energy

Eyes on Africa! with all the natural resources they've been discovering in the African Continent; from Gold, to Diamond, Cobalt, to Uranium etc... We've realized that GOD has blessed Africa with another natural Energy Source, but it's only till now that they knew how to make use of it; it is the Solar Energy where the sun-hours per day could reach up to 8 hours in some African countries, Solar Energy is been used with its maximum and turns out that return on investment is been very effective within a short period.

Most of the projects we have  worked on were with Ministry of Educations; the aim is to build schools in Rural Areas  where technology did not reach yet  and provide a complete OFF-Grid Solution   .

Banks have seized this opportunity as well to install Solar ATM Machines



At COMPUDIST, we offer the suitable power solution for your type of business  or home activities;  you could just  give  the equiments   list  you are connecting  and we could give you an estimate. See below the document; fill it and send  it to us for a free quotation


Opti Inverters

Inverter Capacity 1KW to 5KW for a Standard home consumption

you can install  inverters in parallel configuration to increase the wattage needed 10KW, 20KW or more.

for  Power plants , the solution is more advanced and much complicated we can offer a capacity up to Mega Watts;  Solar Panels of 260W each, installed in serial or parrallel mode, and batteries from 200AH up to 3000AH capacity.

OPTI inverters are equiped with a smart software ; allowing you to perform a WIRELESS Monitoring, as well as SMART  Start-up / Shut Down.

It shows you  the Operation status, the local load, instantly, daily and monthly with detailed reports in  some sort of charts